I’ll put my whole heart
into your day...

About Shakira

Your wedding will only happen once, and I believe it’s so important to choose a photographer that you are comfortable with.
A photographer you can really trust and will capture your day and those little moments – beautifully!
Photographing your wedding is not something I take lightly, it’s an honour, a privilege and something I am ever so grateful for.
I am very passionate about what I do, I literally put all my heart and soul into each wedding,
no matter how big or small the celebration.

The most important part of photography for me is to make you feel something when you look through your wedding photographs.
The initial ‘wow’ factor is great and something I work really hard in creating for every client but the best images are those
which really grow on you and mean more to you in years to come.
It’s these genuine cherished little moments that I truly love.
I believe in creating timeless images that are filled with fun, love and laughter – beautifully.